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Stop Aging In Its Tracks

11 Winning Secrets to Stop Aging In Its Tracks

Looking for help forming healthy habits?

Do you struggle to stick with it because life gets in the way. As we age, we all want to know how we can live healthier, for longer. We would love to stop aging in its tracks alltogether! That is why Dr. Lordan wrote this healthy living guide book.

Since we can not avoid the inevitable, we have to do what we can to extend our time here. To live as healthy as we can, for as long as we can.

This new book, published by Dr. Sean Lordan, owner of Concierge Physical Therapy, is filled with practical tips and anecdotes that are easy to understand.  11 Winning Secrets – Stop Aging In Its Tracks is designed to help you form and streamline healthy habits. In this book, Dr. Lordan makes decisions simple and easy to follow. Available in paperback and digital on

Dr. Lordan tells readers that, “the solution to the problems ailing our baby boomer generation and beyond is this:

A holistic total-body approach is the key to keeping your body healthy and active, well into old age.”

  • The 11 Winning Secrets inside this book encompass the nutrition, exercise, mental health, and wellness solutions that will keep you active and healthy well into your golden years.
  • Learn to reprogram your body and mind by making simple changes, stacking healthy habits, and avoiding saboteurs that will impact your life expectancy and quality of life.
  • Use the practical examples in this book to inspire you just as they have done for countless others who decided to take control of how they look and feel.

Remember: It is never too late to stop aging in its tracks!

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