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Shrewberry Staff / Columnist for the Community Advocate
Concierge Physical Therapy opening new location in Shrewsbury
Concierge Physical Therapy owner Dr. Sean Lordan and his team have treated thousands of patients in Lordan’s Sutton office since 2018 using a unique approach of both the latest technology and individualized plans with a focus on the “whole person.”

As a result of the growing need for physical therapy services at the practice in Sutton, Lordan has decided to open a second location in his hometown of Shrewsbury. The practice officially opens at the end of this month at 307 Grafton Street (Route 140) Suite 103.

Sean Lordan / Columnist for the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle
Opinion: From the physical therapist: Four things you should know to improve your balance
The cerebellum can be upregulated and neuromodulated to improve coordination by stressing any of the three major balance systems (I will get to that next). The key here is by working diligently on a specific exercise program that targets your lower extremity and core you will notice significant improvements and lower your risk for falls.

Sean Lordan / Columnist for the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle
OPINION: From the physical therapist: Three tips for achy shoulders
The incidence of shoulder pain later in life is higher because your small rotator cuff muscles get less blood flow as you age. Less blood flow to the rotator cuff tissue in combination with fatty infiltrate of the muscle tissue and age-related sarcopenia (muscle wasting) is a recipe for disaster. Most people won’t take action until they either realize they can’t pick anything up off the top shelf anymore, or the shoulder starts to hurt constantly. So what can you do today to mitigate your risk from dealing with achy shoulders for the rest of your life?

Sean Lordan / Columnist for the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle
Three tips for teen athletes to conquer spring season
With the Millbury and Sutton Spring athletic seasons right around the corner, let’s talk about a few ways your child can succeed in school and on the field. We see many young athletes ages 10-18 in our clinic. The following advice transcends the sports field into the classroom as well, because performance in both arenas is important to your child’s success.
Sean Lordan / Columnist for the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle
How Millbury, Sutton residents can avoid lower back pain
Whether it’s playing with our kids out in the yard, cleaning the house or shoveling the driveway, many of us will get a tweak in our backs caused by these activities. The question is: What can we do to prevent it?

Let’s give the epidemic of LBP some background. LBP is a problem locally and throughout the U.S. People feel the effects of LBP especially during in the winter months. Ninety percent of people will experience a bout of LBP in their lives, 15 percent of our neighbors will have LBP for the first time this year, and 33 percent of those neighbors will struggle with recurrences in subsequent years to come. Luckily there are a few ways to help ward off the stress and pain in your Low Back.

Meet Sean Lordan
Meet Sean Lordan of Concierge Physical Therapy
BostonVoyager article article introducing Sean Lordan and the Concierge Physical Therapy Practice. It provides background information on why Sean became a Doctor of Physical Therapy, discusses the pros and cons of running out-of-network and in-network practices, how Concierge stands out from other practices in the area and Sean's future goals for the practice.
Sean Lordan
Concierge Physical Therapy owner dedicated to helping people
Millbury-Sutton Chronicle article that discusses Sean Lordan's new practice in Sutton, MA. It discusses how he opened his practice in Boston several years ago with the goal of creating a “better physical therapy product,” including both a “better quality of care” and a “better level of service” and how his new business is all about his passion. In the article, Lordan tells The Millbury-Sutton Chronicle that hopes he Concierge’s Sutton location creates an “environment where people feel comfortable, at ease and happy.”