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Dr. Geena Terino

Dr. Geena Terino completed an accelerated Pre- Medical program at MCPHS Boston and later earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at MCPHS Worcester in 2017. Geena is experienced in a wide array of diagnoses ranging from complex medical to sports related orthopedic. She treated patients in acute care cardiac and neurological wards, pediatric patients in schools, and athletes in various settings. Geena's experience allows her to offer a holistic, patient-centered and well-rounded approach to therapy.

As a former Junior Olympic Gymnast and member of both varsity and nationally ranked softball teams, Geena recognizes the importance of peak performance. She understands the desire to return not only to sports, but normal activities of daily life. Dr. Terino's goal as a therapist is to provide preventative care, sustained results, and improved quality of life.